Lasalle Craft Beer Festival 2017

Event, Location

We were the official photographers for the Lasalle Craft Beer Festival 2017. We had a blast trying all of the local beers. The food was awesome (I had the Apple Jack Pork Tacos – WOW). Sadly, weather shut it down before Saturday night could get going strong, but check out the full gallery of photos I got before the big wind storm rolled in.

Jessica + Corey

Location, Weddings

We couldn’t have been happier with the wedding we shot yesterday. We bet Jessica and Corey are feeling the same way today. Their classy, country style wedding was beautifully executed in every way. Champagne. Shotguns. Cowboy boots. Flowers in her hair. Kids giggling. Barns. Friends. Golf. Family. Dancing. Wedding cake cut with an orange hunting knife. Bride with a beer. LOVE. It’s a Gemus thing.